Terms & Conditions

thank you for making us a part of this special day! please review the policies below as part of your rental


0-10 miles: free

10-15 miles: $15

15-20 miles: $25

20+ miles: $50+, depending on location

rates based on mileage from River Vale, NJ


we request that you provide a photo of the home with the stork location circled to ensure proper placement


please remove the swaddle from the stork if winds reach 15+ mph to prevent damage

please leave the stork and display in place

if the swaddle is damaged due to weather, a replacement can be purchased for $25

lawn care

please touch base with your lawn service or prepare to cut the lawn before your stork delivery

* any damage resulting from lawn service will be the full responsibility of the customer *

Any damage due to lawn care / lawn service, moving the stork or display, or affixing anything (including but not limited to balloons to the stork or display) will be the full responsibility of the customer. 

Please do not move or remove the sign as damage may occur.  If you would like the sign removed, please call Storks & Co. at 845-558-5920.  

No refund will be given for early removal.